Actress Ellen Barkin Tears Into Trump, Calls Him The “Stalin Of Incompetence And Greed”

She's not wrong.

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President Donald Trump’s reckless response to the coronavirus and his lack of concern for the overall death toll so far had legendary actress Ellen Barkin fuming to the point that she compared him to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

The Golden Globe-nominated Tony and Emmy award-winning actress most known for her current role on the television series Animal Kingdom threw the book at Trump earlier this week after the death toll in the United States topped 50,000.

In fact, it now stands at over 54,000 and is poised to rise a lot higher in the coming days and weeks. All told, the coronavirus has killed more Americans in a month than the flu does in a year, and it’s about to claim more American lives than the entirety of the Vietnam War, which Barkin lived through.


It’s understandable then why Barkin held Trump accountable in a tweet pointing out that he’s responsible for more deaths of Americans than the three Vietnam-era presidents combined and went on to call Trump the “Stalin of incompetence and greed.”

Joseph Stalin’s policies resulted in millions of deaths, though historians are still debating the precise figure. While Trump has not murdered millions of Americans yet, his refusal to take the pandemic seriously has absolutely cost tens of thousands of lives all as he uses it as cover to attack civil rights and dehumanize people.

Barkin is not the only Hollywood star to call Trump out during this pandemic. Actor Michael Rapaport reminded us that a “hooker and a con man” are still in the White House.

Neither’s rage is misplaced. Trump is a terrible human being who does not care about all the families who have lost loved ones during this crisis. Tens of millions are unemployed and he doesn’t care about them either. He selfishly only cares about himself and his own power and financial interests. That definitely puts him on an emotional level with the likes of Stalin, only much dumber.

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