Source Alleged That POTUS Makes A Show Out Of Reading Polls Because He Couldn’t Read As A Child

This explains a whole lot.

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If you’ve been living under a rock somewhere and hadn’t noticed — Donald Trump is a rather ostentatious, gaudy individual. He likes to make a show out of every little thing he does.

From the way he enunciates every syllable of every word he says when he’s trying to make one of his ridiculous, nonsensical points, to the way he dresses and presents himself with his hair tape and high heels, to the complete dog and pony show that is his Twitter feed, it’s strikingly clear that Trump wants to people to pay attention to him.

More specifically, he wants to constantly remind everyone (or, rather, attempt to convince everyone) that he actually is a functioning adult human being and not a toddler who looks like the Michelin Man and the Pillsbury Dough Boy’s love child. So much so, actually, that his behaviors become downright obsessive.


A recent Colorado Springs MAGA rally was a perfect example of the point I’m making here.

We’ve heard numerous allegations over the last several years claiming that Trump struggles to read proficiently even in his advanced age.

And now, thanks to a former Trump insider, we may have an answer as to why Donald makes a huge show out of it every time he does.

Noel Casler, former Apprentice employee turned stand-up comedian, took to Twitter recently with an explanation for why Trump is so ostentatious about his reading abilities. Evidently, it’s something he couldn’t do as a child.

“Trump couldn’t read as a kid, due to his dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Too ignorant and lazy to ever get help. He was mocked and never got over it, he is essentially still fighting playground battles as POTUS,” Casler wrote in a caption of a clip from Donald’s rally last night.

Now, I have no desire to make fun of Trump’s learning disabilities or his inability to read well as an adult. I’m not going to stoop to that level. However, if you yourself have struggled with something like this your entire life how about you do what you can to help those that are struggling too? Be an ally. Use your position of power for some good.

But instead, Trump simply ignores the fact that he still reads on a third-grade level while simultaneously bullying others for the very same skeletons he harbors in his own closet.

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