After His Seemingly “Manic” Fox News Interview, Twitter Users Wonder What Drugs Don Jr. Is On: “He Raided Daddy’s European Sudafed Stash”

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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Thanks to his outrageous behavior in a recent interview Donald Trump Jr. sat down for with Trump-loving Fox News Network, social media users are beginning to wonder if the eldest Trump child has picked up on his daddy’s alleged drug habits.

Over the years, multiple reports from multiple people have claimed that the president of the United States has a serious problem with illegal substance abuse. And frankly, his behavior throughout the course of his presidency thus far hasn’t done anything to detract from those allegations. In fact, if anything, he’s all but confirmed them.

Since Trump took office three years ago, we’ve gotten pretty at picking up on the telltale signs that Donald Trump is intoxicated in some way β€” the manic behavior, the jerky movements, the wide, wild eyes, the jumbled, barely coherent, rapid speech, etc.

So, when Twitter users noticed the same sort of behavior coming out of Donald’s oldest child during a recent Fox News segment regarding Congressman Adam Schiff, they didn’t waste any time with their questions and comments.

Popular Twitter user Mystery Solvent posted a clip of the video as well as a screengrab of Don Jr. retweeting one of his own tweets, something his father has a big habit of doing, and pointed out just how “manic” the original Trump spawn has been lately:

Unsurprisingly, folks were quick to pile on in the comments:

Might I just point out here… Addiction is hereditary.

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