Americans Ripped Trump To Shreds After He Tried To Brag About His Daughter Ivanka Allegedly Sending 1M Meals To Ukraine Amid Crisis: “She Can’t Buy Her Way Into Heaven”

That was a bad idea, dude.

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Just recently we reported that Donald Trump’s eldest daughter Ivanka has crawled out of her hole — after a seemingly long hiatus from the public’s eye following her father’s humiliating election loss and subsequent unhinged adhesion to Right-wing conspiracy theories regarding widespread fraud and a stolen win — for no other reason than to publicly brag that she allegedly did something at least halfway decent, claiming she sent more than 1 million meals to Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion and attack against the country by her daddy’s favorite dictator.

As you’d expect, Ivanka’s less-than-humble brag didn’t exactly go over well for her with the public on Twitter, as social media users pretty much immediately piled on to remind Ivanka that she’s hot, steamy garbage, and her father is head over heels in love with the very dictator that is currently attacking Ukraine and its people.

But, in true Trump fashion, it seems the already disgraced former guy just couldn’t leave well enough alone after the less than warm reception to his daughter’s original video, and instead pushed out a statement via his spokeswoman Liz Harrington, reading, “ICYMI: ‘Ivanka Trump sends 1M meals to Ukrainian refugees,'” and links to a Fox News report with the same title on his daughter’s alleged “humanitarian” efforts.

Much to no one’s surprise, the reaction to Trump’s bragging statement went about as well as Ivanka’s video:

No one taught anyone in this unhinged family how to keep their damn mouths shut while they’re ahead, huh?

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