Ivanka Trump Resurfaced In New Video To Pat Herself On The Back And Let Everyone Know, In Her Trademarked Vapid Voice, That She Donated Meals To Ukraine, No One Is Impressed

Go crawl back in your hole, lady.

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Daddy’s little princess Ivanka Trump seemed to take an indefinite hiatus from the public’s eye following her father’s extremely dramatic and humiliating 2020 election loss — the very same election loss that even still now, more than a year later, he continues to scream “fraud” from the rooftops about, despite the fact that literally, no one can find the fraud he’s talking about.

It seemed Ivanka was equally running and hiding from the humiliation of her father’s loss, as well as the embarrassment of her father’s ongoing, relentless, unhinged behavior.

But, we’re in a global crisis right now, as Russian dictatorial President Vladimir Putin continues his violent, senseless, and devastating invasion and attack against Ukraine, and it looks like Donald Trump’s eldest daughter simply could not pass up the chance to draw some undeserved attention to herself.

The former Trump-era advisor resurfaced last night, after spending the better part of the last year and a half staying out of the spotlight, with a new video, appearing to “humbly” brag that she has sent “over 1 million meals” to Ukrainian citizens “who are suffering so greatly.”

Your father is out here raw dogging his public praises for the literal dictator who caused that very suffering. But okay.

To make the whole ordeal that much more insulting, Ivanka spent the entire almost minute-long clip speaking in her vapid, soft porn voice that grinds on my eardrums worse than nails on a chalkboard.

See for yourself:

As I’m sure you can imagine, social media was less than impressed with the disgraced former First Daughter, or her “philanthropy”:

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Go crawl back into your new Miami hole where the neighbors don’t like you. We’ll pass on your “help.”

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