Americans Wonder About Trump’s Health After He Repeatedly Has Pronunciation Failures During Rally: He “Can’t Even Correct His Slur On The Third Try”

Bur... Burmissia.. Burissia?

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President Donald Trump on Wednesday held another daily superspreader event after returning to the campaign trail following his battle with COVID-19.  Tonight’s victim was the state of Iowa where he threw a rally with no social distancing and very few masks. The rally opened up immediately with everyone’s least favorite topic, Hunter Biden, with Trump claiming that Biden’s entire family is corrupt.

People didn’t pay attention to those accusations though, they were more concerned with how much Trump seemed to be slurring his words this evening. He couldn’t get out the name of the Ukrainian company Hunter worked with even though he tried multiple times. Maybe the steroids have run their course because he seemed a little “low energy” for sure.

This occasion was eerily similar to his “oranges of the investigation quote” when he meant to say originsAs you might expect social media was not kind to him:

He continued to slur his words throughout the night, raising suspicions about his cognitive state, considering how much he criticizes Joe Biden for having mental decline , it’s no wonder Twitter tore him a new one.

Remember, our president can remember ‘Person, Woman, Man, Camera, TV’ for ten minutes so his mental accuracy should never be in question.

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Chris Gifford