An Alleged Photo Of Trump At Mar-A-Lago Amid Failed “Red Wave” Set Twitter Ablaze: “He Looks Like He Hasn’t Slept In A Week”

Wow. He looks absolutely horrible.

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Let’s face it, Donald Trump has had a really bad couple of weeks.

It’s clear at this point that the former president’s anticipated “Red Wave” from this year’s midterm elections actually shaped up to be little more than a mauve trickle and it’s served to not only leave Trump himself extremely upset (even to the point of reportedly blaming his own wife for some of his poorest candidate choices, though Trump has since taken to his social media platform to vehemently and angrily deny these claims) but has also reportedly left the Conservative crowd infuriated with the scandal-ridden former guy and blaming him for the humiliating failure.

And that’s not to even mention what this humiliation has done to not only his reputation as the King of the Republican Party but what it’s done to his own chances of a successful 2024 run.

Multiple reports, from even the likes of the Right-wing echo chamber that is Fox News, have confirmed that the Conservative crowd has been left more than a little disgusted with the scandal-ridden former guy in the wake of the less-than-successful midterm election.

But despite the fact that Donald Trump just keeps raging all over Truth Social that he’s NOT mad (no, seriously. He’s not. Lol.) someone managed to snatch a photo of the washed-up, has-been, scandal-ridden former guy at his Mar-a-Lago resort, as midterm results were rolling in, and let’s just say… His own looks betrayed him in the worst kind of way.

The photo is, frankly, impossible to even describe. Just see for yourself:

I don’t know about you. But, to me, that does not look like a man who’s cool as a cucumber. Quite the opposite, in fact. Trump looks terrified.

Suffice it to say, Twitter had… Thoughts:

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I think your face is telling on you here, Donald. And it ain’t looking good.

Featured image via screen capture

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