As Trump’s Bitterness With Ron DeSantis Allegedly Grows, New Report Claims The Ex-President Is Privately Telling Insiders That The FL Governor’s “Dull Personality” Is Too Boring To Win The WH

These two are worse than a soap opera.

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Over the past several months, ex-President Donald Trump and Florida’s Republican governor Ron DeSantis have seemingly been beefing without actually telling anyone they’re for sure beefing.

It seems what was once Donald’s staunchest, closest gubernatorial ally has now turned into one of the ex-president’s most notable possible opponents when it comes to the 2024 presidential race — despite the fact that neither of the Republican men has officially made any sort of presidential announcements.

Just recently, we reported that the one-term, twice-impeached ex-president is rapidly growing bitter with his FL political doplaganger as DeSantis has yet to say the “magic words” regarding not running for the White House in 2024, despite the fact that Ron hasn’t made a clear assertion either way, and neither has Trump. But now it seems that the president is soothing his ego with new claims to his inner circle that he’s not even worried about DeSantis, even if he should run, because the GOP governor is just too damn boring to win.

Inside sources have reportedly spoken to Axios recently, who reports that the ex-president now feels that DeSantis doesn’t have a chance at beating him should they go head to head in the 2024 GOP presidential primaries, due in large part to Ron’s “dull personality.”

According to numerous polls, the Republican “autocratic” FL governor is the leading pick among the party for the GOP 2024 candidate, when Donald Trump’s name isn’t included in the poll. And it certainly seems that the disgraced former guy is beginning to feel the heat as the next presidential election eeks closer and closer.

One source who recently spoke to Trump told Axios, “In the context of the 2024 election, he usually gives DeSantis a pop in the nose in the middle of that type of conversation.”

“He says DeSantis has no personal charisma and has a dull personality,” the same source goes on to add.

The report highlights the fact that the washed-up former president makes a pointed effort to inform those around him that he’s not worried or intimidated by the prospect of a DeSantis 2024 White House run. In the past, DeSantis has actually been pegged among onlookers as a potential running mate pick for Trump should the one-term ex-president become the GOP nominee once again.

Trump and DeSantis have been clashing on a few key issues lately, most specifically related to the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccinations, as Trump seemingly works to pin himself as the proverbial king of the life-saving coronavirus jab, while DeSantis refuses to even reveal whether or not he’s been boosted. This particular point of contention resulted in the ex-president taking a pretty thinly-veiled jab at the Florida governor when he released a statement hitting out at “gutless” politicians who refuse to release their vaccination status.

You can read the full report here.

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