Clinical Psychiatrist Says Trump Is “Aroused” By Female Journalists Who Challenge Him

Well, he does like being spanked, and female reporters have been figuratively spanking him at every press briefing.

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Of all of President Donald Trump’s conflicts with reporters, it is the female reporters that he fights with and attacks the most. And according to a clinical psychiatrist, there’s a very disgusting reason for that.

During one of his recent press conferences, Trump abruptly turned around and walked away from the podium like a coward after two female reporters — CNN’s Kaitlan Collins and CBS’ Weijia Jiang — directly challenged his lies and racism surrounding the coronavirus.

In fact, women journalists have been far tougher on Trump than their male colleagues. As we all know, Trump hates being challenged by strong women, which is why he openly stated that he would prefer it if they were more like 1950s housewives.

But while Trump consciously wants female reporters to be submissive and obedient to his authority, a clinical psychiatrist has gone deeper into Trump’s sick mind and says that Trump is aroused by his conflict with female reporters who call him out.

“Donald Trump likes sparring with the female reporters at his press conferences and briefings,” former George Washington University clinical professor of psychiatry Dr. Justin Frank told Salon in an extensive interview. “He likes the situation because he is safe because of the Secret Service, the television broadcast format and the expectations of how the reporters will behave towards him. It is not like Trump being confronted in private, where he doesn’t have those protections.”

As disgusting as it sounds, Trump is allegedly treating his sparring with these women as a form of sexual combat and is aroused by them.

“Trump loves sparring with the reporters who are women,” Frank said. “For Trump, being combative with them is like a type of aggressive fighting and jousting. It is very sexual for Trump on an unconscious level. He is aroused by the female reporters who stand up to him. It is a great turn-on for Trump. Conflict in general is a turn-on and arousing for Trump, but conflict with a woman is even more exciting.”

This has actually been somewhat corroborated by adult film star Stormy Daniels, who described how she spanked Trump with a magazine during their affair and that he liked it. Until then, Trump had apparently never been spanked by a woman before.

These female reporters have been figuratively “spanking” Trump at every press conference.

Frank concluded by opining that Trump fantasizes about “dominating” the female reporters who challenge him in order to force them into submission.

“Trump has a fantasy of dominating these women,” he said. “I also think that Donald Trump also has a deep desire, perhaps passive or latent, to be dominated by a confident strong woman. Donald Trump has a very complicated relationship with women where he likes to fight with them but also wants them to be submissive to him.”

Reporters like Collins and Jiang are likely as unnerved by his behavior as the rest of America, but that won’t stop them from doing their jobs and holding Trump accountable. So Trump is just going to have to get used to being dominated by them. Or he can just tuck his tail between his legs and run away like he did last time.

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