CNN Reports That Republican Sources And Former Trump Allies Say They Want Trump Out Before The 20th As Two House GOP Members Confirm They Will Vote To Impeach

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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called upon Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove Donald Trump from office after a day of chaos, death, injuries, and mayhem. The outgoing president encouraged his supporters to go to the Capitol — and they did. However, Pence shot down any hopes of getting this country out of the nightmare Trump has placed us in. The Vice President is too chickenshit to invoke the 25th Amendment even as Americans struggle through multiple national crises.

What Americans are sure of right now is that the president is dangerously unfit for office. That’s something most of us have been well aware of, but the deadly insurrection confirmed our worst nightmares. It looks like impeachment is the way to go to keep Trump from ever getting into office again, so Democratic Rep. Katherine Clark, assistant House speaker, said that articles of impeachment could be voted on “as early as mid-next week,” CNN reports.

“We know that we have limited time, but that every day that Donald Trump is President of the United States is a day of grave danger. We can use procedural tools to get articles of impeachment to the floor for a House vote quickly,” she said.



And it appears that the upcoming vote on impeaching the president will have some Republican support.

Democrats now control the House and the Senate (thank you, Georgia) so impeachment looks likely.

Kind of late, John, but OK:

Republicans have been concerned that Trump is taking the party down, which we could have told them four years ago. At any rate, and this is just a guess, I think that more Republicans will fall in line to impeach this mentally disturbed president.

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