Trump Was Reportedly Pressured To Do Video “Concession” By His Aides Who Told Him He Could Be Removed From Office


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Donald Trump released a video on Thursday in what appears to be as close to a concession speech as we’ll ever get from the president that lost handily to Joe Biden in both the electoral and popular vote. However, it’s been over two months since the election, and during that time, Trump has sown discord and doubt into our elections. Just before the insurrection that resulted in deaths, mayhem, chaos, and destruction, Trump once again worked his crowd of supporters into a frenzy, telling them the election was rigged while offering no evidence to back that wild-eyed claim up.

And now, investigations are beginning, rioters are being identified and publicly shamed, with some of them arrested, facing serious charges. But, the main culprit temporarily resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in D.C. Most of us knew that what this president said in the video wasn’t genuine, and it wasn’t.

According to CNN, Trump had to be convinced to denounce the rioters.

His daughter Ivanka Trump, White House counsel Pat Cipollone, chief of staff Mark Meadows and others told Trump there was a real chance he would be removed from office — whether by his own Cabinet or lawmakers — if he did not more forcefully denounce the actions of his supporters who attacked the US Capitol the day before.

“Trump did not initially want to issue a video decrying the loyalists whose actions he largely supported — and whom he said he “loved” a day earlier — but he told aides to prepare a speech, and then he would decide,” the report states.

Trump then reportedly read over the brief script they had prepared. The president then agreed to record it Thursday evening — “a relief to the senior staff, though concerns lingered he could backtrack during his final days in office given his actual position has remained unchanged: that he lost the election unfairly,” the outlet reports.

And to confirm that Trump hasn’t changed his tone, he’s back on Twitter this morning giving kudos to his MAGA supporters.

It wasn’t 75 million Americans. It was 74,222,958 Americans who voted for this abysmal failure. Biden won 81,283,098 votes. Math is hard. Just go away, dude. We fired you. And Trump’s impeachment is a real possibility.

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