Congresswoman Who Vowed To File Articles Of Impeachment Against Biden On His First Full Day Hasn’t Done It Yet Because She Reportedly “Thought It Would Be Easier” – Articles Of Impeachment Have Since Been Filed

Tougher than ya though, huh, sweetie?

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Since publishing this article The Hill reports that Rep. Marjorie Greene has now filed articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden. A tweet from the Georgia Congresswoman has confirmed the report.





None of us will soon forget the craziness we saw and heard from QAnon-believing Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Greene when she proudly announced her intentions to file articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden on his first full day in office — ironically citing the violence she feels will be spurred by the Biden presidency, in spite of the Capitol insurgence carried out by… You guessed it… Republican Trump supporters.

However, here we are, more than halfway through the day after Biden’s official inauguration, and Greene has yet to file those articles of impeachment she was so excited about. Why you may be asking? Well, apparently, because it’s a lot harder than she expected it to be.

Atlanta-based staff writer for the New Yorker, Charles Bethea, reports that the Georgia GOP Representative highly underestimated the difficulty that actually surrounds enacting an impeachment procedure.

“According to a GOP source in her district, Greene ‘thought it would be a lot easier than it is,'” Bethea reports on why Greene hasn’t started the impeachment ball rolling yet.

Donald Trump once described Greene as a “future Republican star” and the GOP Rep. is widely and best known for her beliefs in the entirely debunked and discredited QAnon conspiracy theory that claims Trump would conduct mass arrests of Satanistic, Democratic pedophiles in his “final” days of office, ultimately exposing them all for their Satanic child sex trafficking ring.

In addition to this particular Q theory, Greene has also indulged in conspiracies alleging staged mass shootings and has questioned the legitimacy of the terrorist attack on 9/11.

For such a “future Republican star,” though, it seems she’d know the basics when it comes to filing articles of impeachment, wouldn’t you think?

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