Kevin McCarthy Seems To Refuse To Accept His Role In Sowing Doubt In The Election Because “What I Voted On Wasn’t To Overturn An Election Because It Wouldn’t”

These people make me sick.

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In the wake of their embarrassing loss in the 2020 presidential election and their subsequent, even more embarrassing behavior surrounding that loss, droves of GOP members have suddenly become very desperate for Joe Biden’s “unity” now that they’re on the losing side of the fence. The very same unity that they refused to work towards while Donald Trump was still heading up their party and they enjoyed a majority in the Senate under the leadership of Kentucky Senator and then-Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

To say the very least, many of these MAGA sycophants are now filled with desperation in an effort to avoid being treated the way they’ve treated us for the past four years. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that even in their place of desperation and despair, these garbage humans are not about to own up to what they’ve done.

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham made a perfect example out of this yesterday evening when, on the heels of Joe Biden’s inauguration, he refused to apologize for his role in diminishing trust in this nation’s democratic process.


And now, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is unsurprisingly following suit.

In a presser this afternoon, a reporter asked McCarthy if he regrets the “role that you played in any way in sowing doubt about the election?”

His answer was as Republican as they come.

“What I voted on wasn’t to overturn an election because it wouldn’t,” the House Minority Leader responded, clearly patting himself on the back.

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Even with all the hope and relief we feel now that Joe Biden has finally taken office, we must never forget what these people have done and will continue to do as long as they continue to hold this type of power. They all need to go.

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