Conservatives React, Go Nuts After Tom Brady’s Dig At The Former President

More tears, please.

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NFL quarterback Tom Brady’s brought some jokes to the White House on Tuesday at former President Donald Trump’s expense. And it was unusual since Brady has had a long friendship with the twice-impeached one-term president. Still, it was funny when he made a joke alluding to November 2020 denialism with Trump supporters after Biden secured a victory in the electoral and popular vote. Conservatives got salty after Brady appeared to be friendly with President Joe Biden and mocked the former president. The far-right-wing site Breitbart had a complete meltdown, writing at least three articles about it, calling the NFL star a backstabber.

Breitbart’s editor suggested that Trump has sacrificed for this country, and there is nothing to back that up unless you consider inciting an angry mob to attack the U.S. Capitol a “sacrifice.”  There hasn’t been a president that has sacrificed less than Donald J. Trump.

Conservatives expressed outrage.

In case you missed it:

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