Damning New Secret Recording From Inside Mar-A-Lago Appears To Reveal Just How Deep The Trumpworld Corruption Really Goes

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A bombshell new secret recording from inside the walls of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago golf resort and post-White House personal residence was released to social media by Liberal journalist Lauren Windsor that serves to expose how truly deep the corruption goes inside Trumpworld, as the scandal-plagued and felony-convicted former president fights for his life to return to the White House and avoid the big house.

In the undercover footage, Windsor managed to catch long-time Trump advisor Roger Stone revealing a plan to other Mar-a-Lago attendees for how the ex-president is going to re-take the White House via the help of judges who, regardless of the real results of the 2024 presidential election, are prepared to take action and Donald Trump’s behalf and do his bidding from the inside.

“At least this time when they do it, you have a lawyer and a judge — his home phone number standing by — so you can stop it,” Roger Stone can be heard explaining in the secret video recording. “We made no preparations last time, none … There are technical, legal steps that we have to take to try and have a more honest election. We’re not there yet, but there’s things that can be done.”

The footage was provided to Rolling Stone by Windsor, who says the recordings hail from a Catholic Prayer for Trump event at Mar-a-Lago on March 19th.

Stone spoke with Windsor’s colleague, Ally Sammarco, and suggested that U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon would soon be formally dismissing the entire stolen government documents case against former President Trump, who was the subject of an FBI search and seizure warrant raid at his Palm Beach compound over his extensive mishandling of classified United States government documents and materials.

“We are beating them,” Stone said. “I think the judge is on the verge of dismissing the charges against him in Florida. They’re delayed in New York City, and they’re now delayed in Washington.”

Just a few days after Stone’s remarks, Donald Trump would go on to be convicted of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records by a jury of his peers in a Manhattan court in connection to the infamous Stormy Daniels Hush Money case.

However, Americans aren’t holding their breath on a second victory in the stolen documents case, as the Trump-appointed Southern District of Florida has quickly grown notorious for all but outright pandering to the man who put her on the bench, as she repeatedly delivers rulings that blatantly benefit the ex-president.

In the damning undercover footage, Stone can be heard telling Windsor that the election “can be stolen again.”

“We’re working on this,” the longtime Trump advisor went on to insist, noting his concern that “overconfidence” could cause many of Trump’s voters to stay home and sit the impending election out.

According to Stone, “lawyers, judges, [and] technology” will be the key to re-installing Donald Trump into the White House — even if President Joe Biden is reelected in November.

Stone gave a statement on the matter to Rolling Stone, in which he heavily doubled down on his secretly recorded remarks: “All of the election integrity provisions that I suggested are perfectly legal and should be part of any ballot Security effort.”

See the damning secret recording from Lauren Windsor here:

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