Source Said Melania Works Hard To “Protect Herself And Her Son Barron” Because “She Knows Exactly Who She Married”

She knows exactly who he is...

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According to sources with inside knowledge who spoke with People Magazine, Melania Trump was long prepared for her husband of 20 years to be convicted on the 34 felony charges stemming from his infamous Stormy Daniels Hush Money scandal — but at no point along the way was she ever prepared or willing to show any support for him by actually attending his high-profile trial in person.

A social source inside Trumpworld told the publication that Donald Trump’s wife of nearly 20 years “has been angry about this whole thing for a long time.” According to them, “This [New York jury’s] decision is another layer of poison for her.”

At the time of publishing, Trump’s trial was not yet underway, and the inside source told People that it was highly unlikely that we would see the ex-First Lady’s face inside the Manhattan courtroom where her husband would stand on trial for hush money payments made to the porn star he allegedly cheated on her with.

“There are certain times she has to show. This could be one of those, but it would not be her idea,” the source said at the time. “To stand by her man in a traditional first lady way, no.”

Of course, Trump’s trial is done and over with now — the former president was, in fact, convicted of all 34 counts of falsifying business records in this case and, as predicted by sources around the family, Melania didn’t step so much as a toe into the courtroom where her husband was on trial for 5 weeks.

The source goes on to add that Melania apparently does “believe this is a political assassination.”

However, “she knows exactly who she married, “the source went on to add, “and for this reason has chosen to stay away from media attention to protect herself and her son Barron.”

A political inside source echoed a similar sentiment: “She will probably always be mad at him for many of the things he does, but since she has carved out a life that does not include him all of the time, she is able to deal with it.”

We have since learned that Melania and her only child, Donald’s youngest son, Barron effectively stayed holed up inside the New York Trump Tower throughout the humiliating Hush Money trial. Sources have described Trumpworld as “gloomy” following Donald Trump’s historical felony conviction.

You can read the full piece from People Magazine here.

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