Donald Trump Called A Press Conference To Brag About The Stock Market Which Has Hit Record Highs. Who’s Gonna Tell Him?

President Crazypants says what?

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The Dow Jones Industrial Average topped 30,000 for the first time in a historical milestone following the removal of a roadblock to a smooth transition to the Biden administration. Of course, it’s the Biden bump, but Donald Trump swooped in to take credit during an insanely short press briefing. Ivanka Trump appeared to try to give her father credit for the Dow earlier, and that, too, didn’t go down well for her.

Trump noted the COVID-19 vaccine’s potential, took credit for the Dow’s rise, then walked off without taking any questions from reporters. And since Trump wants to overturn the presidential election without providing proof of his wild-eyed allegations of widespread voter fraud, Americans deserve answers. It’s also worth noting that during the final presidential debate in October, Trump claimed the stock market would crash if Joe Biden were elected president. And the opposite of what Trump claimed happened.



Twitter users are wondering what the fuck just happened.

Anyone could have predicted that Trump would take credit for the Stock market gains. That’s who he is and who he has always been — all while never taking responsibility for his mistakes.

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