Eric Trump Went On National Television, Said “I Would Be Murdered If I Did Half Of What Hunter Biden Did”

So. Much. Irony.

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Trump Organization executive vice-president Eric Trump, who financially thrives off of his father’s name, has had it with Hunter Biden doing the same thing. Of course, Donald Trump has been pushing his eldest son’s book on Twitter where he has a massive following, but that’s OK somehow. Still, even with his father’s influence, Don Jr.’s book sales appear to have been rigged. Quelle surprise!

The impeachment inquiry was launched due to Donald Trump’s corrupt behavior while trying to get dirt from a foreign power on his rival, Joe Biden. The Trumps excel at one thing, though: Projection. But only Donald Trump’s base buys what he is selling and after recently pushing gubernatorial races and losing, it appears that the former reality show star’s base is shrinking.

Little Eric was asked by host Martha MacCallum on Fox News about the public impeachment inquiry to which Trump’s son — wait for it — called out the Bidens.

“Well, first of all, as an American, I do want to know about the corruption of the Bidens. It’s absolutely — and by the way, thank you for being the first journalist that’s actually held one of the Democrats accountable for what the Bidens were doing, because it’s unacceptable,” Eric Trump said.

Then, Eric got a wee bit dramatic and suggested he, the man who was born into the Trump empire, would be murdered if he did what Hunter Biden did.

“I would be murdered if I did half of what Hunter Biden did,” he said. “And for — you know — I mean, what I’m really excited about, Martha, is I don’t think the Democrats are playing the long game — because even if they go through this whole impeachment thing — right, it goes to the Senate.”

Eric then suggested that former President Barack Obama be called in as a witness. We’re not sure why, though.

“I can’t wait for the Senate to call Witness Number One, Barack Obama; Witness Number Two, Joe Biden; Witness Number Three, Hunter Biden. Let’s find out what was actually happening over there,” he said. “Let’s find out if Barack Obama was okay with Hunter Biden getting $50,000 a month to sit on a Ukrainian energy board while his father was in charge of Ukrainian energy.”


How about we haul in Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric first — just after their Daddy testifies.

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