Trump Responds To Republican Mike Lee’s Criticisms Of Iran Briefing, Says People Told Him “It Was The Greatest Presentation They Ever Had”

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Donald Trump addressed the nation in what seemed like a presentation given by a drug-addled septuagenarian with an anti-social personality disorder. The “president” sniffed 58 times and slurred his words as he spoke to the people of the US following the assassination of Iran’s Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s top military leader. Since then, though, there’s been fallout over the way Trump handled it and without Congressional approval. During his insane presser, he, of course, brought up former President Barack Obama to blame his predecessor for the airstrike that he ordered. Trump’s wild-eyed address was inundated with other blatant lies, too.

President Impeachy McPeachFace is facing new criticism from two Republicans following the briefing that was held on Wednesday. Republican Sen. Mike Lee was spittin’ mad, saying it was the worst briefing on military issues he has ever seen. Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul wasn’t too happy either.

Trump brushed off that criticism to reporters at the White House and said, without citing who he was referring to, that “numerous senators and numerous congressmen and women” have called him to say that his address “was the greatest presentation they ever had.”


Trump needs to come up with new material because his lines of using the best words and giving the best presentation are worn out. His rhetoric only serves one purpose now: He exhausts the country so much that we’ve all become numb to his nonsensical mutterings. Trump has failed with Iran on so many different levels. The “president” has now expressed optimism for a new negotiation with Iran and a new deal after he tossed out the nuclear deal. Iran has already dismissed any negotiations with the Art of the Deal guy. We already had an agreement that Iran was abiding by, but Trump’s obsessive jealousy of his predecessor caused him to throw it out — and now, here we are in a major conflict with Iran, possibly at the brink of war.

That ridiculously amateurish speech, while he was surrounded by his top advisers and military officials, didn’t help matters.

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