Experts Sounded The Alarm On Our Very Worst Fear: Donald Trump Won’t Leave The White House After 4 Years If He Returns In 2024

If this doesn't terrify you, I don't know what will...

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Suffice it to say that anyone with a shred of common sense, compassion, and basic human decency is flat-out terrified at the mere prospect of Donald J. Trump returning to the United States White House for a second four-year term — and for a lot of good reason.

Just looking at his policies alone is enough to churn your stomach and make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, and that’s not even chipping into the massive iceberg that is Trump’s legal troubles right now, as he reels from what is now his fourth official criminal indictment, thanks to Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis.

However, there’s more to our fears than just horrible policies and a bonafide criminal for a president.

You can ask just about anyone, on either side of the political fence, who’s not a diehard MAGA and almost all of them will tell you that their worst, most deep-seated fear is the fear that, if returned to the power of the presidency, Donald J. Trump will not leave when his term is up.

According to several experts, that deep-seated, darkest fear is far closer to reality than any of us have been willing to admit.

We have already seen the lengths that Donald Trump will go to in an effort to cling tight to the highest level of power and control that this nation has to offer. Frankly, no one will ever soon forget the violent January 6th attack against the US Capitol, not to mention the additional concerted efforts Trump went through that have now subjected him to the legal jeopardy of a lifetime.

It’s hard to imagine a world in which a convicted, or even indicted, criminal could become the President of the United States. However, things have come to a point where we have to accept that as a real possibility.

It was the powers of the presidency that kept Donald Trump protected from the consequences of his crimes for the length of his term in the White House. Several experts are now noting that, should Trump manage to return to the presidency, and therefore that blanket of presidential protection, there’s a very high likelihood that he will refuse to relinquish that power once his 2nd and final four years are up — because his risk of spending the rest of his days behind prison bars are becoming very real.

HuffPost released a new report recently that highlighted the analyses of several experts on this topic, including longtime Florida Republican consultant Mac Stipanovich, who has no doubt that Donald Trump will do whatever it takes to remain in power, despite the US Constitution saying that his time is up.

“If Donald Trump is elected president in 2024, there is literally no predicting the future of representative democracy in America. The one thing we can be sure of, if past is prologue, is that there is no length to which he would not go to remain in power, including attempting to delay or cancel the 2028 election altogether,” Stipanovich said according to the new report. “The man is a no-kidding existential menace to the republic.”

The HuffPost report also included remarks from a former Barack Obama attorney, who echoed similar concerns.

Norm Eisen, a former Obama White House attorney who went on to work on Donald Trump’s first impeachment concerning the extortion of Ukraine said, “The former president didn’t fully come to understand his powers or to abuse them until the very end of his term. Necessity is the mother of invention, and that includes autocracy.”

The terrifying report goes on to quote former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele, who warned, “Trump learned from the ‘mistakes’ of relying on institutionalist and ‘deep state’ puppets who refused to adhere to his will when he required them to. He will not make that mistake again.”

Read the full HuffPost article here.

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