Extremely Unflattering Video Of Trump Circulates On Social Media On “Fat” Tuesday Where It Appears He Has Trouble Sitting Like A Human


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Trump really just is not having an easy time of things in India, folks. Over the course of his 36-ish hour visit to the country, Donald has managed to make a complete ass out of himself (and, by extension, our entire nation) at pretty much every opportunity.

His MAGA rally he held on his first day in the country can only be described as a complete cluster — as Donald spent the entire speech butchering and slurring his words as throngs of people walked out of the event. And things have only gone downhill since with Trump refused to eat the traditional foods of the country and apparently was so out of his mind, whether from lack of sleep or abundance of Adderall, he couldn’t even remember that he needed to shake the Prime Minister’s hand during a photo-op.

But things got even worse still for America’s sorriest excuse for a president to date when he went to sit down for what appeared to be an educational tutorial on how to spin yarn and couldn’t even manage to sit down on his rotund behind like a normal human being.

In the video, donning a long scarf draped around his neck as Melania stood close by, Donald can be seen attempting to sit down on the platform to watch the lesson. However, it appears as though the heady combination of his morbidly obese weight, lack of rest, excess of stimulants, and overall inability to behave like a normal person all worked against him — as he held his hands out in front of him and seemed to almost crawl across the floor before finally plopping down in a sitting position.

Have a look for yourself:

Once getting himself seated, finally, Trump still appeared to behave like a toddler, seemingly struggling to even pay attention to the presentation.

Honestly, the video alone is bad enough by itself. But don’t think for a second that social media users were able to ignore the fact that Trump struggled to sit his big butt down on none other than Fat Tuesday.

Oh, the irony, folks.

You honestly can’t make this shit up, guys.

Featured image via screen capture

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