Former FBI Supervisor Sent Trump Ominous Message After POTUS Referred To Some FBI Members As “Scum”: “The FBI Has A Long Memory. Very Long”

Well, that's an ominous warning if I've ever heard one.

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Donald Trump has a laundry list of terrible things he’s done over his lifetime.

Multiple rumors have swirled about the way he conned his way through his real estate business as a younger adult. He’s been strongly accused of lying his way into college and out of military service — all with a little help from daddy Fred Trump and his closest hookups. He’s been accused of various degrees of sexual assault and rape by literally dozens of women. He’s gone bankrupt more times than I can keep up with, and tanked numerous businesses entirely only to somehow manage to borrow a little money from Deutsche Bank and start all over again. And the relationship he’s held with his oldest daughter is one that will make your skin crawl straight off your bones if you think about it too long.

All of that is just icing on the “Trump is a garbage human” cake and all of which was before he ever even had control over an entire nation.

Things start getting even worse when you get into the man’s time as president of the United States.

Even before he “won” the election, Trump’s presidential campaign alone raised a lot of red flags — rightfully so considering his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is currently living his best life in a prison cell.

And it’s only gone downhill from there.

More sexual assault allegations have come down the pike, his taxes have yet to be released to the public and Trump is in court blocking their release at every turn, he lies through his false teeth at every given opportunity, brown families are losing their lives in the 21st century’s version of concentration camps, and he was quite literally, permanently impeached over the Ukraine business, when he literally attempted to extort an entire country for dirt on his political opponent.

And that’s just what I can think of off the top of my head.

It’s enough stuff to bury him *under* the jail at this point. Not that that makes any difference to Donald Trump — who, even with all that junk over his head, still called the FBI “scum” during a recent presser regarding the investigations against Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort. “Human scum,” specifically.

But according to former FBI supervisor and former congressional investigator, Clark Hall, there’s more still to be told, and after Trump’s litter tantrum he wanted to make damn sure the president knows — the FBI doesn’t forget.

In a non-specific but wholly ominous tweet, Hall stated, “The FBI has a long memory. Very long. And this is all I’ll say about that.”

Clark didn’t specify any particular individual in his tweet. However, his bio on Twitter reads, “Trump is a national security disaster,” followed by the hashtag “resist” — a social media movement of people that are against Donald Trump.

And the tweet came on the heels of Trump’s hissy fit against the FBI.

So, it’s relatively easy to deduce that when the man who used to head the FBI and investigate Congress for a living is tweeting out warnings such as that right after Donnie made a complete jackass out of himself… We pretty much know who he’s talking about.

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My unprofessional advice is this — if the shoe fits, wear it. And you better heed that warning.

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