Former Federal Prosecutor Explained The Possible Scenarios For Bill Barr’s Future Now That He’s Been Caught Lying

Bill Barr should be really worried right now.

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MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace took issue with former Attorney General Bill Barr on Thursday. She spoke with legal adviser and former prosecutor Neal Katyal following the revelations that Trump’s former AG lied to the American people. The Department of Justice has been ordered by a federal judge earlier this week to release a March 2019 legal memo that advised then-Attorney General William Barr that Robert Mueller’s investigation did not support prosecuting former President Donald Trump, in a decision that accuses Barr and the department lawyers of deceiving the public.

Katyal tore into Barr and the “corruption around him.”

“I’m not sitting here feeling good about the fact that I and so many others were right two years ago,” he said. “I desperately wanted to be wrong. Our system is set up to trust Barr was attorney general of the United States. not the attorney general for President Trump. He was supposed to be for the people. Unfortunately, there was always a degree of corruption around him. He constantly acted like one of Donald Trump’s personal attorneys. Now, with the new decision by the judge into his deception, he’s finally being treated like one of the gang, which he always was.”

He noted how much trouble Barr is in after Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s decision and suggested that the former Attorney General lawyer up.

“She called Barr’s actions in the litigating position disingenuous, which is something you almost never hear a federal judge say about any litigant, particularly not someone from the Justice Department, and particularly not the attorney general of the United States,” he continued. “If a federal judge calls your testimony before the Congress disingenuous, as she did, I think it’s time to start retaining legal counsel, and ideally someone who can save whatever is left of that tattered reputation that you have.”

Wallace asked if Barr can be held accountable now that he’s no longer the AG.

“Well, I think, you know, this is true about every attorney who surrounded themselves with Donald Trump,” he said. “They run into criminal liability. You see it — you know, we’ll talk about [Rudy[ Giuliani a bit later. You see it time and again, Michael Cohen, all these other people. Judge Jackson is saying in this opinion, Barr, you testified before Congress, your testimony before Congress was that you had made these decisions.”

“Now it looks like you didn’t actually make these decisions, and this material you’re trying to prevent the American people from seeing you claimed was shielded because you hadn’t made the decisions at the time, but it looks like you did,” he continued. “So, there is the possibility of a criminal investigation into Bill Barr now. There’s also the possibility of civil and disciplinary actions against him as well. I mean, the attorney general of the United States is supposed to be above reproach. Here you have the top lawyer for the entire government, you know, being accused of being disingenuous by an incredibly well-respected judge in D.C. This is the third judge.”


If I were Bill Barr, I’d be really worried right now. Everything comes out in the wash.

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