Former Trump Executive Recalls President’s Racist Attitude Towards Black People: “I Don’t Want Black Kids Sitting In My Lobby Where Millionaires Are Coming In To Buy Apartments”

So even if Donald claims to not know the many racists that endorse him, he knows why they endorse him.

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Donald Trump is a racist, I don’t think that comes to anyone’s surprise. But it is always different when we get exact testimony. To some people, racism only becomes this real kind of monster when they see it first hand, or when they get a first-hand account.

We recently got some of that testimony with Micheal Cohen’s memoir Disloyal, where he described in detail the “Faux-Bama” situation where Trump would pretend to berate and fire a stand-in for Barrack Obama. Cohen also went on to talk about the blossoming of Trump’s political career through the “birther” conspiracy and alleges that President Trump has a “low opinion of all black folks.” The final quote from Micheal Cohen was probably the most egregious, though, as he alleges Trump said: “Tell me one country run by a black person that isn’t a shithole. They are all complete fucking toilets.”

Take these revelations and bump them up to eleven, from the new book, Tower of Lies: What My Eighteen Years of Working With Donald Trump Reveals About Him, written by former Trump associate of 18 years, Barbara Res, we get an even more horrifying look into his thoughts on black people.


Res detailed these two racist incidents from her book on CNN on Wednesday:

There was a Black man grinding the concrete on the second floor of the building when it was wide open and you could see — you could see it from the street and that’s — and [Trump] saw it from his office or the building lobby, and that’s what upset him, and he called me and another person and he said, I don’t want that to happen again. We don’t want people thinking that this is being built by black people.”

This shows his insecurity and contempt on a massive scale. It might not just be Obama that he has issues with, it seems to be all black people. The next instance is extra disgusting because it deals with kids:

Later, I was interviewing architectural students for a plant clerk job, and I had a young man waiting for me in the lobby, I was across the building and after I interviewed him I saw Donald, he grabbed someone, told me he needs to see you. He said don’t ever let that happen again, I don’t want black kids sitting in my lobby where millionaires are coming in to buy apartments. Don’t let that happen.”

With all these testimonies from people that worked with the man for long periods of time and everything with have seen him do it is hard not to accept it at this point — we have a racist in the White House.

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Chris Gifford