Former Trump Kids’ Nanny Reportedly Gave A Bizarre, Dark Eulogy For Ivana That Seemingly Threw The Trump Family Under The Bus

This is... Odd.

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Earlier this month, the news broke of Ivana Trump’s untimely death.

The 73-year-old Czech-American former model turned Manhattan socialite was reportedly found dead at the bottom of a staircase in her Upper East Side home. The medical examiner has since determined Ivana’s cause of death as “an accident caused by blunt impact injuries to her torso.”

The following week, the family, friends, and loved ones of the former model and first Trump wife gathered at St. Vincent Ferrer Catholic Church on Lexington Avenue, just around the corner from her luxury Manhattan home, for Ivana’s “celebration of life,” where the Manhattan socialite was memorialized in a golden casket, with her Vanity Fair magazine cover blown up and displayed beside her.

Ivana was, of course, eulogized by her mourning children that she shared with the scandal-ridden ex-president — Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric Trump. But one woman named Dorothy Curry was also given the opportunity to speak at the former model’s “celebration of life.”

According to reports, Curry formerly served as the nanny to the three eldest Trump children — and to say that her eulogy of Ivana Trump was bizarre and unexpectedly dark would be a massive understatement.

Instead of speaking fondly on her memories of her time with Ivana and the Trump family as their nanny, Curry instead spoke from her perspective as Ivana’s personal friend and heavily touched on how apparently miserable the former model’s final years on earth were, seeming to inadvertently throw the socialite’s family under the bus.

The New York Times reports on Curry speaking about:

“The spring and summer of her life, after which followed an autumn and ‘inevitable winter’ of ‘roses dying’ as her former employer’s field of dreams became a ‘sinking swamp’ of ‘parasites’ who had kept her ‘afloat’ with ‘illicit dreams and schemes.'”

The bizarre and seriously dark eulogy has only served to spark a wildfire of conspiracy theories online, with many referring to Ivana’s death with the term, “Epsteined.”

In the aftermath of the funeral’s coverage by the Times, Twitter became a breeding ground of speculation and theories:

While we’re not going to get into any conspiracy theories or whatnot, it’s pretty safe to say that the nanny’s words were… Unsettling, at the very least.

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