Harvard Scholar Who Was Cited by Dershowitz During Impeachment Trial Just Responded To His Argument In Favor Of Acquittal, Called It “Irresponsible And Ludicrous”

Dersh has become a laughingstock.

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Alan Dershowitz, a lawyer on Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment defense team, made some jaw-dropping remarks on Wednesday, and of course, Professor Underpants is now denying that he said the very words millions of TV viewers heard him say. Dershowitz’s comments were widely panned, so it comes as no surprise that a Harvard Law School professor who Dershowitz has frequently cited has called him out over his “irresponsible” defense of the newly impeached “president.”

Nikolas Bowie appeared on CNN Thursday to respond to Dershowitz’s arguments in Trump’s defense, and it looks like there’s an unrequited love between the two. Bowie ripped into Dershowitz’s bizarre argument that Donald Trump cannot be impeached for “abuse of power” because it is not a crime.

“Abuse of power is a crime,” Bowie said. “There are people around the country that have been convicted of it recently. It’s a crime that’s existed since the country was founded, and it’s a criminal offense.”

Bowie then took Dershowitz’s case to task that the “president” cannot be impeached for dangling a quid pro quo over a foreign leader’s head if it helps his reelection because the president believes that it is in the country’s best interest.

“Think of what that would mean,” Bowie said. “That would mean that if the president were to order the military to start rounding up black people because he’s afraid of losing the next election, and so long as the president is motivated by the ‘national interest,’ as long as the president is motivated to get reelected then that’s fine? That can’t be right… that is such an irresponsible and ludicrous argument.”


House Impeachment Manager Adam Schiff (D.-Calif.) flipped the scenario around on Republicans Wednesday by asking the GOP Senators if they would have given former President Barack Obama a pass if he had been caught trying to extort Ukraine. At this point, we’re witnessing the Republican party suggesting that Trump can do whatever he wants as “president,” even if it puts our national security at risk. Nixon once argued that a crime wasn’t a crime if the president does it, too.

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