Identity Of Unknown Witness In Today’s Surprise Jan. 6th Hearing Has Now Reportedly Been Revealed


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Speculations began to swirl immediately yesterday, following the bombshell announcement from the January 6th House Select Committee, revealing that they would be holding a surprise hearing at 1:00 P.M. ET today, after previously pausing their hearings until early to mid-July, due to an influx in evidence they needed to work through.

According to the Committee’s announcement, their surprise hearing this afternoon is set to see a presentation of new evidence, as well as new witness testimony — leading people to wonder and guess at who the witness could be.

But now, after a day of curiosity and guessing, it had been revealed that the surprise witness in today’s hearing is reportedly Cassidy Hutchinson, former White House aide to Trump’s old Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

Punchbowl News managing editor Heather Caygle said Hutchinson is expected to walk the Committee and the American people through some of the things she revealed to the House Select Committee during her previous depositions and testimony — part of which being conversations between Donald Trump and White House Counsel Pat Cipollone, the same lawyer who allegedly warned Trump that his Jan. 6th scheme was illegal.

The Washington Post spoke with three people familiar with the January 6th investigation, who explained that the reason for the secrecy surrounding the identity of today’s witness was “is in part due to credible security threats to a witness.”

“Hutchinson has provided extensive information about Meadows’s activities in trying to overturn the election,” the Post reported. “The Washington Post reported late last month that Hutchinson had told the committee that Meadows remarked to others that Trump indicated support for hanging his vice president after rioters who stormed the Capitol on that day started chanting, ‘Hang Mike Pence!'”

It was just last month that Politico revealed Hutchinson told the committee that Meadows incinerated documents following a meeting with GOP Rep. Scott Perry. The Trump administration was no stranger to the destruction of documents, as then-President Donald Trump himself has been credibly accused of flushing papers down White House toilets, ripping them to pieces, and burning them.

Speculations as to the identity of the surprise witness ranged from Rep. Mo Brooks, who has expressed his willingness to cooperate with the Committee following Trump’s betrayal against him, and Alex Holder, the documentary filmmaker who recently turned over a treasure trove of footage on the Trump family.

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