Insider Spilled The Tea On Jill Vs. Melania, Revealed First Lady Biden Stripped WH Of Former FLOTUS’ “Tacky, Awful Taste” Renovations And Decor: “It Gave Her A Lot Of Pleasure”

Mel is gonna be BIG MAD!

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Not long ago, we reported on Melania Trump’s little hissy fit when the White House Historical Association released its newest guidebook on the People’s House — featuring extensive, behind-the-scenes photos of the executive mansion — and the former first lady proceeded to release a big mad statement that claimed the photos included in the book only show a mere fraction of the extensive restoration she did while living at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and accused that “her deliberate styling of the furniture and accessories was significantly rearranged.”

In a statement released exclusively to the Daily Mail, the Office of Melania Trump said, “Unfortunately, the 26th Edition of The White House: An Historic Guide fails to accurately represent the breadth and detail of Mrs. Trump’s design work in and around the White House.”

“Preserving the history of the People’s House for future generations was something that Mrs. Trump was very passionate about and took very seriously. She and her design team worked tirelessly to beautify the White House, but only a small amount of their creative execution adorns the pages of this book. In fact, her deliberate styling of the furniture and accessories was significantly rearranged throughout the book’s images,” Melania cried in the statement through her official office, though they failed to specify what furniture and layout had been rearranged or changed.

Long story short, Mel was big mad, in a big kind of way, over her precious decor.

But to make the whole ordeal that much more entertaining for us, an inside source has recently spoken with OK! Magazine and confirmed that First Lady Dr. Jill Biden was the mastermind behind the entire decor re-do that left Mel so damn jaded.

According to the source who spoke with the publication, one of the first things First Lady Biden had on her to-do list when they moved into the White House on the heels of the Trump era was getting rid of Melania Trump’s “tacky” decor and renovations that reeked of her “awful taste” — ASAP.

“Jill hated the changes Melania had made to the second and third floors especially. She thought Melania had awful taste and made the rooms look tacky,” the insider told OK! “Stripping the rooms of Melania’s choice of drapes and furniture was one of the first things Jill did as first lady. It gave her a lot of pleasure.”

Don’t worry, I’m sure Melania will be along with another butthurt, whiney statement any minute now.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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