Intelligence Expert Claims Camera Shot Of Trump Walking In During RNC “Is Literally Copied From Putin And The Kremlin”

Trump's RNC Convention entrance was straight out of Putin's playbook.

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Donald Trump illegally used the White House as part of his RNC Convention performance and emulated Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in the process, according to a longtime intelligence expert.

Trump loves Putin. That much is clear, especially since Trump continues to refuse to condemn Russia for paying bounties for the killing of American soldiers in Afghanistan.

In fact, Trump often talks to Putin, and suspiciously wants to meet with him before the election in November.

He’s downright subservient to Putin and desperately wants to be like him.

Well, Trump definitely tried to be like Putin on Tuesday as two uniformed Marines opened the doors for him at the White House as he walked down a red carpet to deliver remarks during the second disastrous and embarrassing night of the Republican National Convention.

That’s because the camera shot is exactly the same pomp that Putin receives at the Kremlin.

A veteran member of the intelligence community with decades of experience, Malcolm Nance now uses his expertise to deliver analysis on the news networks. After watching Trump’s entrance, he pointed out that Trump “literally” copied Putin.

To prove his point, Nance then posted a video of Putin’s entrance at the Kremlin.

And then he posted a video combining and comparing the two.

Clearly, Trump admires Putin to the extreme and desires to be an authoritarian ruler just like him. This is him pretending to be a dictator and kissing Putin’s a** at the same time. It’s sickening and it’s why over 70 former Republican national security officials have endorsed Joe Biden for president.

Featured image via Kremlin Presidential Press and Information Office

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