Ivanka Posted Ridiculous Image Of Herself, Jared, And Trump Asking Users To Guess Who They Voted For; Twitter Answered

They answered her alright...

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Folks, we’re finally on home stretch. In just eight short days, the people of the United States of America will finally have the chance to rid ourselves of this nation’s biggest embarrassment and disaster to date as we cast our votes for the next President of the United States.

Already, hundreds of thousands of Americans from coast to coast have cast their votes via mail-in or early voting. The former of which Donald Trump has done nothing but berate and delegitimize at every opportunity, the latter he’s spent the past week encouraging voters to go participate in, so long as they’re casting a vote for him.

And apparently, Trump’s own people are cashing in on the opportunity to get their votes in ahead of time.


In a post on Twitter this afternoon, Trump’s eldest daughter and resident princess Ivanka posting a photo of herself, her father, and her husband Jared on Air Force One. In the photo, the First Daughter and her husband appear to be holding what looks like mail-in ballots, the very thing her father has spent months now criticizing.

Captioning the ridiculous photo, Ivanka wrote, “I’ll give you one guess who we’re voting for???” followed by the hashtag “Trump2020” and three American flag emojis.

The thing about social media is, when you pose a question like that, the rest of the Twitter-sphere typically answers you. And answer Ivanka they did, y’all:

You asked, Lady…

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