Ivanka’s Ex-Apprentice Handler Perfectly Detailed The Former First Daughter’s Role During Dad’s Reign, Calls Ivanka “Her Father In Jimmy Choos”

This comparison is SO spot on!

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Since her father departed the White House, former First Daughter Ivanka Trump has reportedly been trying to distance herself from her scandal-ridden, ex-president father who’s currently drowning in investigations, wading through indictments against his family business and the company’s CFO, and still refuses to shut up about his election fraud conspiracy theories, despite the fact that they’ve been disproven more times than we can count at this point.

But the former First Daughter’s old handler wants to make one thing crystal clear — don’t let Ivanka Trump fool you, she is “her father in Jimmy Choos.”

These days, we know Noel Casler as the stand-up comedian, podcaster, and prominent Twitter figure who regularly calls the entire Trump family out on their bullshit — from Donald Trump’s allegedly paying his mistress to have an abortion, to Melania Trump’s supposed opioid addiction, to Ivanka’s high-pitched, fake voice. With Trump no longer in the White House, Casler has seemed to broaden his horizon to include dirty politicians and politics as a whole, like Bill Barr’s daughter. But he’s not about to simply leave the Trump family alone.

Not a chance.

In his newest “car rant” posted on Twitter, Casler covered the topic of Trump’s endless corruption in connection to the lawsuits raging against him. And, in the process of it all, he touched on Donald’s favorite daughter who’s been trying to back away from her daddy and his mess in recent months.

“When I worked on Celebrity Apprentice Ivanka was running the show,” Casler explained. “I know they’re laying low right now, but Jared and Vanky have a 5,000 cottage on Bedminster. She may be trying to pretend she’s disavowed her father but she is her father.”

“She’s her father in Jimmy Choos and more botox,” Casler blistered. “She’s just as venal, she’s way more manipulative, and she’s got a lot more cards to play. So when they call her to court, get ready for the fireworks, because she’s got all kinds of stuff up her chenille sleeves.”

Look, folks, I’ve always thought Ivanka Trump was a snake in the grass. At this point, it looks like I was spot on.

Featured image via Flickr/Gage Skidmore, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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