Jen Pskai Had The Perfect Response After Fox News Reporter Tried To Get Her With A “Gotcha” Question

That didn't go down well.

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Fox News’s Peter Doocy must really enjoy White House press secretary Jen Psaki dunking on him, and she does it with ease by using facts, and she does it often. Doocy wants to be the center of attention at the press briefings, but he’s looked on as more of a joke. My favorite time was when she debunked one of Doocy’s questions by reading a Fox News report.

n Monday, Doocy tried another ‘gotcha question,’ this time regarding the coronavirus that’s spiking again in big numbers, and the Fox News reporter someone tried to blame President Joe Biden for that. Doocy cited Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s top infectious disease expert. Doocy told Psaki that “Dr. Fauci says that we’re going in the wrong direction. Whose fault is that?”

Psaki wasn’t having it and explained that what’s he’s referring to is that because there’s still a “large population of people in this country who are unvaccinated and we have the most transmittable variant that we’ve seen since the begging of the pandemic that more people are getting sick with COVID.” Therefore, the numbers aren’t “moving in the right direction.”



Further, the network Doocy works for is ground zero for disinformation on COVID-19. Psaki said recently that the Biden administration engages with Fox News because its viewers “might” listen to its medical experts about the need to beat the coronavirus pandemic, The Guardian reports.

On CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday, Dr. Fauci warned that the pandemic is “going in the wrong direction” because 50% of the country is not fully vaccinated.

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“But polling shows that many Americans in conservative states remain deeply skeptical of the vaccine, and many intend never to take it or are highly unlikely to change their minds as the virus – and a highly contagious variant – begins to deepen its terrible toll,” CNN reported. It’s gotten so bad that Republican politicians have stepped up to encourage their constituents to get vaccinated. But, yeah, Doocy somehow thinks that is President Joe Biden’s fault. I can’t roll my eyes any harder.

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