Judge Served Alex Jones One Of His Worst Losses Yet, Refused To Stop J6 Committee From Obtaining 2 Years Worth Of Jones’ Intimate Text Data That His Own Attorney Accidentally Leaked

Oof. It just keeps getting worse.

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Ultra Right-wing InfoWars host Alex Jones was smacked with an absolutely brutal judgment, totalling just short of $50 million in combined compensatory and punitive damages to just one of the Sandy Hook families who have lodged a lawsuit against him, after the jury reached their verdict this week following the ongoing trial in which the families accused Jones of defamation over his lies about the legitimacy of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

But believe it or not, it gets worse still for Alex Jones.

In the trial, we witnessed the moment that the Right-wing conspiracy theory host (allegedly) first learned of the fact that his very own attorney accidentally leaked a treasure trove of Jones’ communications data, including his texts and emails, to the opposing legal team — which handed the Sandy Hook attorneys cold, hard proof that Jones had been lying throughout his trial.

But, if the embarrassment and brutal trial loss wasn’t bad enough for Jones, the January 6th House Select Committee has already made it clear that they’re looking to get their hands on the radio host’s text data as soon as possible, to aid in their ongoing investigation into the Capitol attack. In the course of the trial, Sandy Hook attorney Mark Bankston confirmed that Jones’ lawyer had accidentally sent him two years’ worth of the conspiracy theorist’s text message data, totaling 2.3 gigabytes, and it included intimate, personal text messages between Alex Jones and Roger Stone.

Alex’s legal team tried desperately to claw back the treasure trove of leaked information, all but begging the judge on the case for a mistrial on the basis of his mistake. She shot him down. HARD. And went on to make it clear that she absolutely would not be interfering in Congress’ attempt to come after that same data for their own investigation.

While Jones’ attorney has said that he will cooperate with efforts from federal law enforcement and the House Select Committee to obtain the accidentally leaked data, Judge Maya Guerra Gamble let the Jones legal team know that she absolutely will not be getting involved in that aspect.

“I’m not standing between you and Congress,” Gamble made crystal clear.

“That is not my job,” the judge said. “I’m not going to do that.”

Both Alex Jones and Roger Stone have already been subpoenaed by the J6 Committee and there’s just no denying that the treasure trove of Jones’ intimate, personal text messages could very well serve as a Pandora’s Box for the House Panel in their ongoing investigation.

Back in November, House Select Committee Chairman Bennie Thompson confirmed that the panel is seeking to learn “who organized, planned, paid for, and received funds related to those events, as well as what communications organizers had with officials in the White House and Congress.”

The Committee explained why they have an interest in information from both Jones and Stone, and it’s a clear explanation for why Jones’ text data could potentially have such damning implications.

“Roger Stone was reportedly in Washington on January 5th and 6th, spoke at rallies on January 5th, and was slated to speak at the January 6th rally at the Ellipse that directly preceded the violent attack on the Capitol,” the House Select Committee previously explained. “Before traveling to Washington, Mr. Stone promoted his attendance at the rallies and solicited support to pay for security through the website stopthesteal.org. While in Washington, Mr. Stone reportedly used members of the Oath Keepers as personal security guards, at least one of whom has been indicted for his involvement in the attack on the Capitol. Mr. Stone has made remarks that he was planning to ‘lead a march to the Capitol’ from the Ellipse rally.”

“Alex Jones reportedly helped organize the rally at the Ellipse on January 6th that immediately preceded the attack on the Capitol, including by facilitating a donation to provide what he described as ‘eighty percent’ of the funding. Mr. Jones spoke at the January 5th rally on Freedom Plaza that was sponsored by the Eighty Percent Coalition,” the Panel said. “Mr. Jones has stated that he was told by the White House that he was to lead a march from the January 6th Ellipse rally to the Capitol, where President Trump would meet the group and speak. Mr. Jones has repeatedly promoted unsupported allegations of election fraud, including encouraging individuals to attend the Ellipse rally on January 6th and implying he had knowledge about the plans of the former President with respect to the rally.”

Suffice it to say, this is about to get very interesting.

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