Lara Trump Appears To Make Fun Of Joe Biden’s Stutter At Speaking Event For POTUS: “Let’s Get The Words Out, Joe”

To join the Trump family, you have to prove that you're an awful person. Well done, Lara.

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Former Vice President Joe Biden has suffered from a speech impediment for his entire life and has been open about his struggle to overcome stuttering. Lara Trump, the daughter-in-law of Donald Trump and adviser to his reelection campaign, made Biden the brunt of her jokes while stumping for her impeached “president” at a “Women for Trump” event in Iowa.

While this might make the rest of us recoil in disgust, this seems to be a common practice for team Trump that goes back to at least 2015. Donald Trump has been normalizing this shit for years. Candidate Donald Trump in 2015, infamously mocked a reporter who suffers from a physical disability.

More recently, former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a self-described Christian, mocked Biden for his stutter on Twitter, To her credit, she did apologize but the damage had already been done. That happened in late December and here we are in January with Lara Trump regurgitating that same old shit. Lara was talking at the event about “desperate” Democrats are while she was so desperate that she stooped as low as to mock Biden’s speech impediment.

“I feel kind of sad for Biden,” Eric Trump’s wife said. “I’m supposed to want him to fail at every turn, but every time they turn to him I’m like, ‘Joe can you get it out? Let’s get the words out, Joe.'”


When Trump did this, it should have ended his campaign, but his cultish followers just don’t give a fuck about others.

Obviously, to be a Trump and join their family, you have to prove in front of the world that you’re a thoroughly disgusting and repulsive creature. Donald Trump stutters and slurs his words but he has no excuse for that. Trump’s speeches are so off-the-rails that we’re expecting him to hire an assistant to follow him around with a drool cup at his awful rallies. And poor Lara. We can mock her just by pointing to her trophy hunting husband who is probably trying to figure out why water is wet and why the hell is science spelled with a “c.”

Donald Trump has been exposed as being so desperate that he’s been trying to interfere with the upcoming election by forcing Ukraine to find dirt on his rival, Joe Biden. Trump did this in 2016 and apparently he can’t stop himself.

We need to Make America Decent Again by kicking the entire Trump clan to the curb on election day. Trump knows that the minute he vacates the White House, the SDNY is going to perp-walk his corrupt ass so hard he won’t know what hit him. Lara has quite a future ahead of her. Once Trump is out of power, everyone in Trump’s orbit will be shunned. The Trumps’ casual disregard for others has infected a portion of our population to normalize being a rancid piece of loathsome shit.

Maybe we shouldn’t even try to win Trump supporters over until the fever breaks and they get their self-respect back.

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