Legal Expert Says Subpoenas Issued Against Jared And Ivanka Were An “End Game Move,” Signaling Special Counsel Is Close To Indicting

This is the beginning of the end for the Trumps.

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Yesterday, we reported on the bombshell news that Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner have officially been subpoenaed by Special Counsel Jack Smith, in direct connection to the ongoing Justice Department investigation into Donald Trump’s and his allies’ actions in the days leading up to the infamous, deadly January 6th Capitol insurrection, and their overall attempts to overthrow the results of the 2020 presidential election.

While the news of the subpoenas itself is explosive enough all on its own, one legal expert is now speaking out, saying this was an “end game move” by Special Counsel Jack Smith, signaling that he is nearing the end of his extensive investigations into the corrupt, scandal-ridden ex-president, and indictments are soon to come.

The move against Donald Trump’s eldest daughter and son-in-law — both of whom served as official advisors in the ex-president’s administration — served as just the latest development in a long line of power moves by the special counsel, including recent subpoenas issued against the likes of Trump’s former VP Mike Pence and his former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows. Now, legal analyst Harry Litman is explaining to the nation just how serious and significant these new moves really are, in a segment of MSNBC’s Morning Joe. 

“Jack Smith is not messing around,” Litman said, mincing no words. “This is to the heart, and it’s the sort of thing, not because it’s required — Smith’s view is everybody should be in the grand jury, the people deserve that — but often in the DOJ you would handle this with kid gloves… It also tells me not only where he’s going and where he’s been in the sense that this is an end-game move. That’s not to say indictments next week, but Pence and these two you do when you’re really toward the end.”

“That’s going to enrage the former president, right, anything going after Ivanka,” the MSNBC legal expert went on to explain. “Basically, he puts her in a chair and says, ‘Inculpate your father, please,’ and she’s legally obligated to do it. She’ll squirm but there’ll be certain, I think, events and pieces of testimony she has to give up. She can try to claim executive privilege. The courts have made quick work of that and they would again with her.”

There’s no denying at this point, whether Litman’s assessment is fully correct or not, that Special Counsel Smith’s investigation against Donald Trump and his closest accomplices is heating up past the point of return.

You can watch Litman’s MSNBC appearance here:

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