Longtime Trump Pal Suggests Trump Has Had A Nervous Breakdown After Election Loss: “He Can’t Face The American People As A Loser”

Has Trump officially lost it?

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Donald Trump has long been the type to harbor a deep-seated need to be in the public eye. He has an over-inflated ego and prefers to make it larger still by flaunting himself to whoever will look and listen. Before his presidency, he made a name in crappy reality TV, racist and harmful ads against the Central Park 5, real estate, and Access Hollywood interviews. After he weaseled his way all the way to the top, his ego-inflation came in the form of rambunctious rallies, press briefings, manic tweets, and various other public events.

However, since his loss to his Democratic opponent Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, sightings of Donald Trump have been few and far between. Now, he seems to be holed up behind the walls of the White House, tweeting through his agony and despair — a move that’s extra ironic considering his habit of attacking Biden for “hiding in the basement.”

During a segment on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, longtime associate to Donald Trump and contributor on MSNBC, Donny Deutsch, offered up his thoughts, feelings, and hypotheses regarding Trump’s recent move to hunker down in the White House, sending out rapid-fire tweets, and largely avoiding the public eye. And he’s really wondering if it all boils down to cracking mental health as Donald faces his loss and impending legal issues.


Deutsch referred to Rudy Giuliani’s press conference as “pathetic” before turning the conversation to the outgoing president.

“Speaking of pathetic, a little news story that popped up yesterday that didn’t get a lot of attention: Donald Trump is not going to Mar-a-Lago for Thanksgiving,” the MSNBC contributor said. “I’m bringing that up for a reason. Mar-a-Lago — I know you and Mika [Brzezinski] have been there — it’s a safe little haven he goes to, he has 200 of his minions there and they kiss his kneecaps and it’s amazing.”

“I’m wondering has he had a nervous breakdown at the White House?” he continued. “He can’t face the American people as a loser. His father said there are killers and there are losers. What’s going on at the White House? Is he under the covers, walking around in circles? Has he had a breakdown? He’s trying to start this assault yet he is missing, he’s scared, it’s like he’s become a pathetic nonentity.”

“There’s not a lot of stories about what’s going on at the White House, has he fallen apart? I wouldn’t be shocked,” Deutsch noted. “It’s like someone put a pin inside, a sword inside, and pulled it out and he completely deflated. What is going on with him? Has had some sort of a breakdown?”

Is Donald Trump falling to pieces inside the White House?

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