Melania Reportedly Didn’t Know If She Would Be Going To Biden’s Inauguration Until Trump Tweeted About It

Did he forget about her?

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I’ve gotta say, I certainly never thought that Melania and Donald Trump were super great communicators when it comes to their personal or their professional lives. But, I’ll be the first to admit, even I wasn’t prepared for this.

As you know, a lot of speculation has surrounded what Donald’s plans for Biden’s Inauguration Day will be. And while we don’t yet not what he plans to do that day, we do know what he won’t be doing, after he announced (pre-Twitter ban) on Twitter that he would not be attending the inauguration of the 46th president, as is customary.

Frankly, that’s the only way we ever expect to find anything out from Donald Trump. However, according to a report from CNN, that’s the only way his own wife found out too.


Apparently, Melania wasn’t sure whether or not her husband would break the long-standing tradition of attending the inauguration of the next president, despite multiple reports from the media saying he likely wouldn’t show. The report claims she ultimately found out the same way the rest of us did when her husband sent out a tweet on  January 8th saying he wouldn’t be going to Biden’s inauguration.

“It’s not the first time she has learned what he was doing because he tweeted it before he told her,” one top White House staffer told CNN.

Since her husband lost the election, Melania has been extra quiet, only releasing one tweet regarding the situation, the day after Biden was declared President-elect, saying, “The American people deserve fair elections. Every legal – not illegal – vote should be counted. We must protect our democracy with complete transparency.”

However, even as her husband fights tooth and nail to cling to a presidency he did not earn, multiple reports have told of the outgoing First Lady’s preparations for her upcoming life back outside the White House.

Melania remained largely silent once again on the heels of the Capitol riot instigated by her husband, allegedly spending the day embroiled in a photoshoot instead, only to release a statement five days later in which she essentially painter herself as the victim.

“I find it shameful that surrounding these tragic events there has been salacious gossip, unwarranted personal attacks, and false misleading accusations on me – from people who are looking to be relevant and have an agenda,” she penned.

Accusations of digging for relevancy from the woman whose own husband doesn’t remember to tell her what he’s doing on Inauguration Day is awfully rich, don’t you think?

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