Staffers Reportedly Urged Melania To Intercede To Stop Capitol Riots: “She Remained Silent And Continued Arranging A Vase”

She makes me sick.

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During last week’s Capitol riots, as Donald’s kids remained largely quiet (with Ivanka tweeting then deleting a post calling these pro-Trump protesters “Patriots”) while Trump himself offered watery calls for non-violence, telling these insurrectionists he loved them, they’re special, but they needed to go home, all while reportedly watching with excitement and glee, many people in the country quickly began to wonder just where in the hell Melania was.

It didn’t take long for CNN to do some digging and determine that, while her husband’s rabid supporters were violently storming our nation’s Capitol building, she was at the White House, enthralled in a photoshoot that was allegedly for a book she’s hoping to hit the shelves with as soon as her time as First Lady is through.

Frankly, Melania’s whereabouts are troubling enough as it is. But to make matters even worse, a new report coming from The Daily Mail, who spoke with an insider from the White House who was there during the insurrection, the now outgoing First Lady wouldn’t even so much as give the violent attack on the Capitol a first thought, much less a second, even as her staffers begged her to step in and do something.

“The heart of US government was under siege, our very democracy on the line, but Mrs. Trump was calmly arranging porcelain figurines for the photographer,” the source said of Melania’s actions during the riot, going on to add the end some of the most loyal, most devout Trump staffers were absolutely “dumbfounded” by Melania’s actions.

Even Stephanie Grisham, the First Lady’s chief of staff, tendered her immediate resignation in the wake of the Trump family’s behavior.

According to the report, Melania was repeatedly asked by her staff to intervene and force her husband to strongly decry the violence that was taking place before their eyes, but the First Ladt refused.

“She said nothing. She remained silent and carried on arranging a vase for the shoot. She checked out of this presidency and her marriage a long time ago,” the source stated.

This morning, Melania did what she typically does in situations such as these, when she released an official statement painting herself as the victim and whining about the mistreatment she’s allegedly received.

It seems clear to me that this source is spot on — Melania Trump doesn’t give a damn about what happens to this country, or even her husband really. She just wants to go back to her penthouse.

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