Nancy Pelosi Revealed She Had To Dumb Down Crisis At Border During Meeting With Trump So He Could Understand

She had to use little words so he could understand.

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It takes a special type of person to deal with Donald Trump. He’s an exceptionally dumb individual, especially for someone that claims to be so smart. Democrats, Republicans, world leaders and everyone in between have made it strikingly clear that you have to be careful in how you approach am an important meeting or discussion with the man. Because otherwise, the Adderall wears off and he just doesn’t get it.

It seems that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi thought that maybe that’s what’s happening when it comes to Donald and the absolute humanitarian crisis that is taking place at our southern borders — maybe he just doesn’t get it. So, she tried a different approach and dumbed it way down the president so maybe, hopefully, he’d finally understand what a horrific clusterfuck he’s got going on.

Madame Speaker revealed today that, during a meeting with Donald, she explained to him in the simplest of terms for his tiny pea brain, that he is “scaring children” with his cruel and harsh family separation policies at the southern border.

“Children are scared,” she recalled saying to the president. “You’re scaring the children of America, not just in those families, but their neighbors and communities.”

“You’re scaring the children,” the House Speaker said again, no doubt because the dimwit needs to hear it more than once. “Now we have to continue to keep that pressure on [the president] to remove all doubt that we in our country respect people for their dignity and worth.”

“Families belong together,” Madame Speaker ended.

It seems she’s pulling out all the stops in an attempt to somehow, some way make this man understand the atrocities that he and his administration are committing. Even if that means talking to him like the petulant 4-year-old that he is.

You can watch Pelosi’s remarks here:

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