New Report Claims Some Trump Voters Say They’re Not Interested In Supporting His Businesses


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According to a Bloomberg report, money spent on Donald Trump’s businesses from his supporters won’t be as easy to come by as they were before the election. And we all know that Trump is all about money. In fact, Trump has been having a slap-fight with three fundraising groups for the entities using his likeness to raise donations. Money is a huge thing for Trump, and he’s deeply in debt.

“A quarry owner in the heart of Texas Trump country says she has little interest in staying at one of his hotels,” the outlet reports. “For a sheep rancher in Montana, life’s too tough to throw money at golf. A ballroom-dancing Alabaman who was one of the billionaire’s first donors hasn’t bought anything from him in years.”

“Interviews with supporters show the challenges for an ex-president who’d like to turn 74 million voters into customers. His business empire is under pressure from a pandemic that’s emptied office towers and hotels, the repercussions of the Capitol riot and government investigations,” the report continues. “The company could use a boost from fans who sent Trump to the White House and wanted him there for four more years.”

Getting his supporters to vote for him was easier than getting them to support his businesses.

“Some people would like to spend a night in his Central Park hotel suites or pay $375 for a round of golf at his Miami club, but can’t afford them. Others have the money but not the inclination,” the report says. “Several see no reason why political backing should translate to being a patron. While they represent a small sampling of voters, their responses highlight why Trump may have to expand into media or beyond if he wants to make big money from millions of fans.”

According to what Forbes reported last year, Trump is in debt for more than $1 billion, so he could use the cash. “The loans are spread out over more than a dozen different assets—hotels, buildings, mansions, and golf courses,” the outlet reported in 2020. But certainly, supporters should not have to bail out the individual they supported — especially amid the pandemic that is hitting Americans hard financially. But, sure, Trump wouldn’t mind if they did throw some of their hard-earned dollars his way.

Featured image via Gage Skidmore/Flickr, under Creative Commons license 2.0

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