Newsmax Host Has Total Meltdown After Guest Dares To Criticize Trump: “Cut Him Off Now!”

I thought they were against cancel culture.

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Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield just isn’t a serious pundit. For example, he has lashed out over vice-president Kamala Harris’s laugh and compared her to a wicked witch, and he has attacked President Joe Biden over his Catholic faith. And he had attacked Biden for pausing to pick a dandelion for the first lady before they boarded Marine One on their way to Georgia earlier this year. But criticizing former President Donald Trump is not allowed, apparently.

On Thursday, Stinchfield screamed and cut off a guest on his show for mildly criticizing Donald Trump over the former president’s approach to Afghanistan. Army veteran Joe Saboe told Stinchfield that “multiple” presidents made mistakes throughout the duration of the conflict in the region, which set the Newsmax host off.

“I can tell you; this didn’t happen under President Trump, and I know there’s a lot of people on the Left that want to try to blame President Trump, Stinchfield said. “He wanted out of Afghanistan real bad. He was real frustrated, not being able to get out, but he didn’t pull out because he knew this would happen. In fact, we all did.”


“With due respect,” Saboe said, “veterans — I’m being one, right — our friends are over there. We followed this closely for multiple administrations, and we know the Trump administration’s efforts here fairly weak, that they were trying to limit the number of people that would get out so there was coordination problems for a long time.”

Stinchfield lost it.

“Cut him off!” Stinchfield yelled out. “Cut him off now! Cut him off now! You’re not going to blame this on President Trump on my show! That’s not happening!”

“God bless you for being a veteran. God bless you for trying to get Americans out,” he added. “But don’t come on this program and take the talking points of the left and blame President Trump! That’s not helping anybody! The Biden administration screwed this up from the very start! You know it. I know it! The country knows it!”


Stinchfield was so proud of that moment that he tweeted it out.

Yeah, it’s a cult.

Was the crisis in Afghanistan surrounding the pull out of American Troops Biden's fault or Trump's fault?

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