Surprise Witness In Jan. 6th Hearing Says Trump Was “Furious” Upon Learning That He Couldn’t Go to The Capitol Following Stop The Steal Rally: “I’m The F*cking President”

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We all heard on January 6th, 2021, as then-President Donald Trump told his crowd of rabid supporters during his infamous “Stop The Steal” rally, just outside the nation’s Capitol building, that he would be with them as they marched down to the Capitol building while Congress was inside, working to officially certify the Electoral College votes that solidified Joe Biden’s presidential election win.

It was this very remark from Donald Trump that many experts, congress members, and investigators have pointed to when making a case against the now ex-president for personally inciting the deadly violence that took place on that fateful day.

In the weeks and months following the January 6th Capitol attack, Trump and his people have since claimed that he was merely speaking metaphorically when he said that he would be joining the violent mob on their march to the Capitol building — that he merely meant he would be with them in spirit, so to speak.

Today’s surprise January 6th hearing witness says that’s a lie.

We learned yesterday, in a bombshell and unexpected announcement from the House Committee that, despite previously pausing their public hearings to work through a massive recent influx of evidence, they would be holding a previously unscheduled hearing this afternoon, featuring new evidence and witness testimony.

We learned this morning that the witness was going to be Cassidy Hutchinson, former White House aide to Trump’s old Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

In her testimony today, combined with recordings of her previous testimonies to the House Panel, Hutchinson revealed that Donald Trump absolutely planned to march to the Capitol with his supporters on January 6th, 2021, in hopes of pulling off a presidential movement unbeknownst to the press and many of his closest insiders.

As we’re all well aware, that movement did not ultimately take place — which, according to Hutchinson, sent Donald Trump into a “furious” tailspin.

According to Cassidy’s testimony, Trump entered “The Beast,” the presidential vehicle in the motorcade, and upon learning that he could not physically go to the Capitol building, he came unglued and screamed, “I’m the fucking president! Take me to the Capitol now!”

Over the course of these public hearings and the Committee’s investigation as a whole, we’ve gained more and more insight into just how mentally unstable the man who ran this nation for four long years truly was.

See Cassidy’s testimony here:

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