Official Serving As Trump’s Eyes And Ears At Justice Department Was Reportedly Banned From The Building For Trying To Get Case Info

This is bonkers.

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Heidi Stirrup — an ally of top Trump adviser Stephen Miller — an official serving as the president’s eyes and ears at the Justice Department has been banned from the building after trying to pressure staffers to give up sensitive information about election fraud and other matters so she could relay the info to the White House, three people familiar with the matter told The Associated Press.`Everything with this administration is mafia-style cloak and dagger stuff, but with an amateur slant.

Stirrup was quietly installed at the Justice Department as a White House liaison just a few months ago, and she’s already run into problems, it seems. Stirrup, the outlet reports, “is accused of approaching staffers in the department demanding they give her information about investigations, including election fraud matters.”

Trump has been trying to overturn the presidential election results to cling to power after President-elect Joe Biden defeated the former reality show star in both the popular and electoral vote. So, instead of calling her out, it appears that Trump is rewarding her for her efforts in his attempted coup.


It was just minutes before the AP report was published that the White House announced that Stirrup had been rewarded with a “spot on the Board of Visitors to the United States Air Force Academy,” the Daily Beast reports.

Heidi Stirrup, the outlet reports, “landed a spot on the Board of Visitors to the United States Air Force Academy. Within minutes of the White House email announcing the slate of appointments, the Associated Press reported that Stirrup, an ally of senior White House aide Stephen Miller, had been banned from DOJ’s offices after pressuring officials there into divulging information about ongoing investigations into supposed irregularities in last month’s presidential election.”

Legal minds noted that this was out of the ordinary:

History won’t be kind to this president and his enablers, the latter of which seems to get cushy jobs for doing his bidding.

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