Watch Toledo Crowd Appear To Go Wild As Trump Attacks Schiff And Pelosi In His Attempt To Explain Why He Didn’t Tell Congress About Soleimani Killing

He has COMPLETELY lost it!

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Donald Trump’s very first rally of the new year is currently underway in Toledo, Ohio and he made it strikingly clear, within mere moments of the shindig’s kickoff that this whole Iran ordeal has really and truly gone straight to the man’s head.

And considering this is one grade-A egomaniac we’re talking about here, it’s a damn wonder Donald’s orange head hasn’t just popped right off his shoulders in a massive display of confetti that he has in place of actual, real brains.

It seems that Trump’s already over-inflated sense of self-importance has reached new heights after he made the self-serving decision to have Quds Force leader Qassem Soleimani in a recent airstrike he launched near a Baghdad airport.

As a result of his enormously swollen head, Trump is really on one tonight with his fired-up base and their collective IQ equal to a shoe size — and a small one at that — egging him on.

And of course, Donald wasted no time in using his conceit tonight as ammo against some of his most favorite targets — the Democrats.

It seems Donald is really upset that no one else is as proud of or happy about his Soleimani attack as he is. So, of course, he had to make sure he disparaged some of his biggest enemies by name at the rambunctious encouragement of his rabid base.

“Crazy Bernie has condemned the US military’s strike on Soleimani, the world’s top terrorist. The world’s top terrorist. Think of it. The world’s top terrorist,” Trump began his attack as the crowd roared and cheered. “And we’re having people like Nancy Pelosi, that’s a real genius. Do you believe that one? Nancy, Nancy, Nervous Nancy.”

Trump’s attacks continued on in this manner as his crowd hurled abuse against the Democrats he was disparaging from the podium.

But, unsurprisingly, Donald certainly didn’t wrap his ridiculous attacks up there. He has to make sure he got in a few more shots at the House Speaker and he definitely couldn’t leave out Adam Schiff, the guy that steam-rolled his impeachment proceedings from the very beginning.

In the process of Trump admitting to the crowd that the Soleimani attack was a “split-second decision,” he complained that Congress was unhappy with the fact that he didn’t even so much as notify them of the impending attack.

“When can ya make it?” Trump said, mocking members of Congress in a cheap imitation of himself contacting them before the attack. “Well I won’t be able to make it today, sir. How about, uh, let’s say in a couple of days,” he went on in a mock reply from Congress.

“We got a call, we heard where he was, we knew the way he was getting there and we had to make a decision,” Trump claimed in an excuse for his decision. “We didn’t have time to call up Nancy, who is not operating with a full deck,” to which he received another rowdy round of applause.

“Can you imagine calling Crooked Adam Schiff?” he continued. “He’s so crooked. Shifty Schiff. Holding his hand to his ear like a phone he mocked the pretend call with Rep. Schiff, saying, “Gee Adam, how ya doing? Listen, we have the world’s number one terrorist… Would you be willing to meet?”

“We’ve got him lined up, Adam!” he continued. “You little pencil neck. 9 inches. He buys the smallest shirt collar you can get, and it’s loose.”

Seriously. This is real life. The president of our nation is standing at a podium making fun of people like a schoolyard bully as we speak.

This boost to his already crazy ego spells nothing but bad news.

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