Watch As Democratic Rep. Addresses Media After Briefing On Iran With Trump Officials, Calls It “Sophomoric And Utterly Unconvincing”

Trump still can't come up with a passable excuse for what he's done.

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Donald Trump delivered quite the unimpressive address to the nation this morning, a good thirty minutes late no less, in which he essentially agreed to back down on his original plan for military retaliation against Iran’s retaliation but offered up no real avenue for compromise and instead declared that he’d be dropping more economic terrorism on the country via additional sanctions — all while flanked by military general to make him look like the big badass he’s always wanted to be but could never quite pull off.


This was after, of course, he was apparently to chickenshit to address the country on the night of the actual missile strike in question, instead taking to his Twitter account last night to declare “All is well!”

And as we all know, this entire mess got its start when Trump made the decision, without so much as notifying any legitimate members of Congress to his plans, to launch an airstrike on a traveling convoy near a Baghdad airport that resulted in the death of Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani.

Now, while no one is really denying the fact that Soleimani was a disgusting, deplorable human being, or even really all that upset about his death, many Americans and members of Congress alike have struggled to see the point behind the seemingly random assassination at Trump’s hands that, thus far, has yet to prove necessary in any way — as the risks of such a move have always outweighed the benefits and we have yet to see evidence of any different ahead of Trump’s stunt.

And after taking part in a briefing on Iran with top Trump administration officials, one Democratic Congressmember still hasn’t found himself convinced.

Democratic Rep. Gerry Connolly spoke with reporters of CNN just after emerging from the briefing with top White House officials and was quick to explain that the entire meeting was “sophomoric and utterly unconvincing” and went on to make it clear that even after the briefing he remains “utterly unpersuaded” on the justification of the Soleimani attack.

“Without commenting on content my reaction to this briefing was it was sophomoric and utterly unconvincing,” Connolly said in his statement. “And I believe more than ever that Congress needs to act to protect the Constitutional provisions about war and peace.”

When one reporter questioned the Congressman about the “rationale” of the airstrike ordered by Trump and the presence of real “imminent threats” that POTUS used as justification, Connolly responded, “I believe there was no rationale that could pass a graduate school thesis test. I was utterly unpersuaded about any evidence about the imminence of a threat that was new or compelling.”

Frankly, this just serves as further proof that Trump had absolutely no reason to pull the stunt that he did other than self-serving, political and personal gain. He wanted desperately to distract the nation from his impeachment and now he’s pushed us to the very brink of a world war for no good reason.

You can watch the clip here:

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