People Slam Melania After She Offers “Thoughts And Prayers” To COVID Victims: “Tell Your Husband Not To Tell People To Drink Bleach”

Doubling down on "thoughts and prayers" won't save lives or cure anyone.

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Melania Trump once again offered only “thoughts and prayers” to the victims of the coronavirus pandemic, being just as useless as her husband Donald was when he offered injectable disinfectants as a treatment.

Trump made the dangerously ignorant suggestion during his presser when he asked if disinfectants such as Lysol could be taken internally to kill the virus. Of course, any sane person knows that disinfectants are chemicals that product labels specifically warn not to ingest or breathe in. That’s because they are poisonous to humans and can make us sick or result in death.

First Lady Melania Trump followed up that unhelpful suggestion by turning back to an old-school one: thoughts and prayers.

This pandemic has killed over 50,000 Americans and 900,000 are infected. Thoughts and prayers are not going to stop it just like thoughts and prayers don’t stop gun violence.

Frankly, the phrase has been used by Republicans so much after preventable tragedies that it’s become insulting.

Social media responded with scorn and mockery of both Melania and Donald.

What this country needs most is not “thoughts and prayers,” but to listen to health experts and continue practicing social distancing and remain on lockdown in defiance of Trump’s plan to reopen the country early. Because “thoughts and prayers” won’t save us from a deadlier second wave of the virus either.

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