Physician Offers Dire Warning About Trump And Coronavirus: “Don’t Believe ANYTHING Coming Out Of The White House”

We HAVE to listen!

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Donald Trump is doing his dead-level best to hang tight to what little chance he has at reelection as the deadly coronavirus sweeps its way around the globe, leaving thousands dead in its wake.

As reports flood in of death tolls near 2,700, with more than 80,000 reported cases around the world as all but one continent has officially been struck with the illness, both the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as well as the World Health Organization (WHO), continue to issue dire warnings regarding the severity of the fatal virus — signaling that the coronavirus could very soon become a worldwide pandemic.

But Donald Trump and his White House team would really prefer you stopped talking about it.

It’s no secret that Trump’s popularity has plummeted in unison with the stock market as droves of experts continue to contradict his claims that this deadly virus is simply no big deal.

In fact, Donald even interrupted his typical Twitter tantrum this morning to launch a new attack against the media, accusing them of hyping of the severity of the massive outbreak in an effort to do nothing more than make him look bad — because, yeah, your narcissism is telling you the truth, Donnie. Folks made up a whole damn pandemic just to poke at you. Whatever you need to tell yourself.

Multiple organizations and professionals around the world have called Trump out on his lies regarding a virus that experts are saying could reach the level of Spanish Influenza. However, one physician, in particular, took the opportunity to speak out on Twitter, not with a direct contradiction to Trump, but with a dire warning to Americans and people around the world alike: Do not listen to them!

“Corona Edition: Trump is mentally impaired & does not know what Coronavirus is or the threat it poses,” John M. Talmadge, MD, physician, and Professor of Psychiatry & Addiction Medicine wrote on his Twitter, captioning an ABC article pertaining to Trump’s dismissive attitude towards the fatal illness. “Don’t believe ANYTHING coming out of the White House.”

Donald Trump’s only concern is clearly Donald Trump. He doesn’t care if people die. He doesn’t care about cures or vaccines or life-saving treatments. He cares about reelection. As dramatic as this may sound, at this point, if you value your life and that of those around you — take Dr. Talmadge’s advice and don’t listen to Donald Trump.

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