Police Report Says The Son Of A GOP Lawmaker Was Arrested After Hurling A Deeply Disgusting Sexist Slur At A Miami Official Before Going On To Physically Assault Him

This is insane.

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A rather appalling new report from the Miami Herald has covered a police report claiming that the son of one Florida GOP congressman was arrested after hurling a disgusting, sexist slur at one Miami commissioner before going on to physically assault the FL official.

Police claimed that Carlos J. Gimenez, the son of Florida GOP House Rep. Carlos Gimenez, approached Miami Commissioner Alex Diaz de la Portilla during an altercation of unknown descent and said, “Hey p**sy, do you remember me?” After hurling the nasty, sexist slur, police say Gimenez then struck Portilla on the side of the head with his open hand.

Following the verbal and physical assault, the Republican congressman’s son was then arrested and charged with one misdemeanor count of battery. Gimenez’s bail was set at $1,500. The report claims that officers asked Gimenez to identify himself following the incident, to which the GOP lawmaker’s son responded to the Miami police officer, “You’re a city of Miami police officer, you don’t have any jurisdiction here.”

Officers reported that they had to restrain Carlos until Coral Gables police were able to arrive and take the lead on the situation.

Coral Gables Police Spokeswoman Kelly Denham has since spoken out and noted that, contrary to Gimenez’s claim towards the Miami officer, the police did, in fact, have jurisdiction in the area because of a mutual aid agreement between the two neighboring cities.

“He’s the arresting officer because he witnessed the event and because of the mutual aid agreement,” she confirmed in a statement.

It really seems these Republicans just can’t escape the scandal.

You can watch a video report on the incident here:

Featured image via screen capture 

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