Rep. Eric Swalwell Just Released A Voicemail Sent To Him By Tucker Carlson Fan And It Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

This is disgusting.

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Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) took to Twitter to share a highly disturbing voicemail he received from a fan of Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show. “It’s the Tucker Carlson effect,” Swalwell said of the threatening voicemail. “Tucker attacks me. His fans respond with threats to kill my family. And Tucker knows exactly what he’s doing.” It’s not surprising that a fan of Carlson’s would spew out racist and bigoted remarks; after all, the Fox News host is a racist and a homophobe.

You can listen to the voicemail below, but just a heads up: It contains extremely racist content.


Swalwell spoke to MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace on Friday, explaining why this threat stood out over the others he has received. It’s because the caller “identified that he had just” watched Carlson’s show. Swalwell said that he had brought this up with Carlson before, but apparently, Tucker doesn’t care.

Swalwell suggested that Carlson “knows his followers will be inspired and radicalized and aim their vitriol at whoever he is attacking that day.”

“I think in a sick way [Carlson] derives pleasure” from knowing his viewers will react to his show in this manner, he said.


We’ve all seen this play out before with Trump supporters after the former president would target a critic. And they don’t like to be called racists even after they unleash an extremely racist rant.

As for the caller bringing up Capitol rioter Ashli Babbit while blaming the officer who shot her, he’s just another Trump supporter trying to make a martyr out of someone that led the charge to stop the peaceful transition of power. I don’t know why they don’t understand that. If you crawl through my window, you’re going to get shot. I thought Trump supporters were all about self-defense. It’s almost as if they’re only upset because a white woman was shot, even though it was justified. And the person responsible for her death is Donald J. Trump.

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