Right-Wing, Pro-Trump Event Was Reportedly A Massive Bust, Aimed For A Crowd Of 10k But Less Than 1,000 Actually Showed Up On The First Day

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A new report from The Salt Lake Tribune revealed that a right-wing, pro-Trump conference in Utah, featuring appearances from numerous, notable allies of the ex-president’s, saw a pretty disappointing turnout — only bringing in less than 1,000 attendees on the first day of the event, despite their hopes to sell a hefty 10,000 tickets.

The Western Conservative Action Network (WeCANact) Liberty Conference is slated to run through the weekend and it’s main feature seems to be an appearance from key Trump loyalist, General Michael Flynn. The shindig got started on Friday and is schedule to run through to Sunday, chock full of speeches and rallies from various Trump allies, supporters, and former officials, all of whom are undoubtedly gearing up to spew election conspiracy thoeries, vaccine lies, and COVID misinformation.

However, it seems they’re not going to have many people to spew their speeches to.


Organizers of the event hoped and expected to see somewhere around 10,000 atendees at the weekend-long event. But when Friday finally rolled around, a sad number of just under 1,000 or so actually showed up, according to local reporting from The Salt Lake Tribune. The local paper published photos of the event, which show a largely empty conference room with hundreds of empty chairs all around.

Tickets for the event came at a somewhat hefty price of $129, for those who booked their seats months ahead of time. Those looking to purchase a seat closer to the time of the event were stuck paying $169, while VIP tickets were reportedly going for an additional 100 bucks, $269 total. Late Friday evening, apparently desperate to fill some chairs, “Saturday Only” tickets were being advertised for only $49, while a “Saturday Only VIP” ticket was on the market for $149.

Flyers marketed the event as promotion for “conservative values, conservative candidates, conservative government.”

The website for the conference reads, “We must fight the good fight, the smart fight, and the right fight against the socialist, communist, Marxist ideologies that now permeate our government, our schools, and the mainstream media.”

According to the website, the event is supposed to help attendees “learn how to take back your liberty in your community, city, and state.”

The local paper reported that the event saw an early nod to Q-Anon conspiracies, as Friday’s opening prayer featured a request that God protect them from a “Satanic cabal.”

You can read a full report on the lackluster event from Newsweek here.

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